Lealite will support you fruitful products and satisfied service. Free samples could be sent for your evaluation.
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Lealite will support you fruitful products and satisfied service. Free samples could be sent for your evaluation.

LED Lights Advantage

1 | Energy efficiency

Lealite LED lights use about 50 percent less electricity than traditional incandescent, fluorescent and halogen options, resulting in substantial energy cost savings, especially for spaces with lights that are on for extended periods. LEDs also aim light in a specific direction unlike conventional bulbs, which emit light—and heat—in all directions (because LEDs are mounted on a flat surface, they emit light hemi-spherically rather than spherically). This directional lighting capability reduces wasted light and energy.

3 | Cold temperature operation

Lealite LED lights have a natural fit for refrigerated display cases, freezers and cold storage spaces in addition to outdoor applications such as the parking lot, building perimeter and signage. DOE testing of an LED refrigerated case light measured 5 percent higher efficacy (the efficiency of a light source in lumens per-watt, like miles-per-gallon) at -5°C, compared to operation at 25°C.

5 | Control-ability

Lealite LED lights, as semiconductor devices, are inherently compatible with controls. Some LEDs can even be dimmed to 10 percent of light output while most fluorescent lights only reach about 30 percent of full brightness. LEDs also offer continuous, opposed to step-level, dimming (where the shift from 100-to-10-percent light output is smooth and seamless, not tiered).

2 | Extended life

Lealite LEDs don’t “burn out” or fail, they merely dim over time. Quality LEDs have an expected lifespan of 30,000–50,000 hours or even longer, depending on the quality of the lamp or fixture. A typical incandescent bulb lasts only about 1,000 hours; a comparable compact fluorescent lasts 8,000 to 10,000 hours. With a longer operational life, LEDs can reduce labor costs of replacing bulbs in commercial situations, achieving a lower maintenance lighting system.

4 | Instant on

Most fluorescent and HID lamps do not provide full brightness the moment they’re switched on, with many requiring three minutes or more to reach maximum light output. Lealite LED lights come on at 100-percent brightness almost instantly however, and with no re-strike delay. This can be advantageous following a power outage or anytime employees open a building during early morning hours when it is still dark outside.

BONUS | Intelligence

Today, light can do so much more than brighten our path. It can lighten our impact on the environment, make our surroundings more secure or boost comfort and productivity of any indoor space. Pairing LED lighting with intelligent sensors and controls can help build smarter, more sustainable solutions.

Horticulture Grow Lighting


By isolating and combining different light wavelengths to replicate and accelerate natural photosynthesis, we are able to shorten growth cycles. Lealite Horticulture grow lamps offer a wide variety of color spectrums that enable different growth patterns, allowing growers to tailor the light to the specific needs of every crop.


The high grow lamp system efficacy means lower material cost, reduced energy consumption and reduced CO2 emissions. All of this helps to save your money over the short and long term, as well as reduce your environmental impact.


We work closely with growers to design solutions that are aligned to their needs. Lealite horticulture grow lamps are designed to be quick and easy for install. Chain connections, Aluminum wing reflector, dimmable ballast and multiple fixing options give you maximum flexibility to create the set-up that works for you.


Renowned quality increases your ROI and lowers total cost of ownership for complete peace of mind. Lealite grow lamps system have a 24K-hour lifetime with a 2-year limited warranty, and are also CE and UL wet-rated, ensuring years of top performance in any environment.

Poles Advantages

•  Long life spans         • Versatility         • Easy to install         •  Durable          •  Impervious to rot

Best-In-Class Service & Processing

With the most experienced staff in the industry, Lealite Industry specializes in service. We provide access to best-in-class processing for steel poles, including laser cutting, saw cuttingbending, and more, to give our customers the products they need in exactly the way they need them. Let us do more of the work and save yourself time, money, and headaches on your project.

Locations & Distribution

Lealite poles serves clients across world-widely, with locations near Shanghai port. Our Logistic team enables us to find and deliver materials anywhere in our service area within just a few days. We can deliver the steel poles you need directly to your jobsite, on-time to meet your schedule.

Precision Laser Tube Cutting Service

Lealite poles state-of-the-art laser cutting capabilities ensure clean, high precision cuts that match your requirements. We can laser cut round, square, and rectangular tube materials and produce simple mounting holes, intricate details, and everything in between, with perfect precision and repeatability each and every time.
To learn more about our products, contact us today or request a quote.
Nanjing Lealite Industry Co.,Ltd.

 D-817 Kang Yuan, No.50 Jialingjiang East St. Nanjing, P.R.China
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